Eye Tracking Interface for ALS Patients


I worked on a product under Assistive Technology comprising of a digital eye-tracking interface for ALS patients in India with Prof. Mandar Rane.


• ALS patients are unable to communicate with the people in
their environment due to paralysis and speech impairment

• This interface aims to dissolve the communication barrier by
empowering the patients to click on icons on a computer
screen using their eyes only


• Clicking on these icons (comprising of their daily needs) sends
a sound output to the patient’s caretaker/family members

• The secondary aim is to develop a set of standardized icons
for the ALS community pertaining to their daily needs

My team and I recently published a poster about a part of our work on this project at the Design4Health Conference 2018 in Sheffield, UK.

Artboard 1@2x

Case study coming soon!

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