Hi there 👋🏻

I'm Apoorva, a product designer and UX researcher with a background in engineering and design research. I'm originally from Mumbai and currently based in the lovely city of Amsterdam.

Currently, I'm designing solutions to solve complex enterprise problems at Speakap to help non-desk employees communicate effectively in an organisation.

Previously, I worked on building event-ticketing and live-quizzing experiences at Insider. I started my design career by trying to dissolve the communication barrier for ALS patients in India with an HCI product under Assistive Tech (my favourite project so far!) at IDC, IIT Bombay.

I'm driven by curiosity and fascination about things around me; I love navigating complexities to turn them into easy, accessible bits of information and products.

Besides work, I enjoy consuming and creating web comics excessively, reading about cognitive science, curating board game nights and dissecting music.

On the side, I'm learning how to build data visualisations using D3.js, use film cameras for analog photography and speak Dutch 🇳🇱

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